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Compassionate And Efficient Probate Counsel

Losing a loved one is never easy, and legal issues can add to the personal challenges of suffering such a loss. Serving clients across Illinois, the Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain provides probate and administration assistance. Our goal is to allow you to focus on what matters by taking care of the details.

Flexible Probate Services Based On Your Case

There are two kinds of probate. In testate probate, the decedent has a valid will and the process mainly involves distributing assets to named beneficiaries. Although this process may seem straightforward, our attorneys can help estate administrators address the challenges of complex assets, will contests and more.

Intestate probate, however, can be more complicated. When a decedent does not have a valid will, their estate enters intestate probate to identify assets, identify potential beneficiaries, determine inheritance and distribute inheritance accordingly.

Both forms of probate place a substantial burden on families and estate administrators. At the Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain, we understand that these cases are both meaningful and practical. Our team will work to respond to each obstacle and anticipate the next steps of your probate case.

Let Us Guide You Through Each Stage

We can help you complete the multiple tasks that intestate and testate probate could require, such as:

  • Filing a petition to initiate the probate process
  • Notifying heirs and beneficiaries of the court hearing
  • Notifying creditors and paying outstanding debts
  • Resolving will contests
  • Finding and gathering the entirety of the decedent’s money and property
  • Maintaining the estate, such as paying property-related bills
  • Seeking appraisals for assets as necessary

In addition to completing the necessary paperwork, it can be difficult to pinpoint every asset and debt that the decedent had. In some cases, a decedent may have accounts or belongings that they kept private from their family and friends.

With thorough investigative skills, our lawyers can help you research and consider the possibilities to protect inheritance and fulfill the decedent’s wishes.

Get Assistance For Your Legal Obligations

As an executor of estate or the family member of a departed loved one, there are several tasks ahead. Our probate attorneys facilitate the process. Call 708-831-1629 or contact us online for a consultation.