What are major reasons for divorce?

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Nobody decides to get married with the intention of eventually getting a divorce. Your expectation when you say your vows is that you will spend the rest of your life with your significant other. The unfortunate reality is that this is often not the case anymore. In fact, divorce has almost become the more likely outcome when a couple decides to get married.

The decision to get a divorce is rarely black and white. Every marriage experiences its collection of highs and lows that are specific to each situation. However, some issues tend to be more difficult for couples to resolve than others. They are more of a breaking point and less of a mere bump in the road. These concerns tend to evolve into major reasons couples decide to divorce.

Poor communication

Effective communication is vital in every marriage. Feeling comfortable expressing your emotions with your spouse is an essential piece to a successful partnership. Thoughtful discussion and an open line of communication can help couples get through even the most difficult times.

When couples stop having tough conversations, marital problems tend to follow. It can be hard to stay on the same page with your spouse if you do not feel like you can speak freely and honestly. Similarly, if you believe your spouse is continuously starting arguments with you over trivial matters, your marriage may be in trouble.

Financial issues

Money is one of the most common topics that couples discuss. It is only natural that it would play a role in the health of your relationship. Financial issues will not necessarily derail your marriage, but they could certainly put your bond to the test. It is imperative that you and your spouse stay on the same page as it relates to money management. Credit card debt, different financial priorities, overextended budgets and opposing attitudes toward money can all prove to be irreconcilable differences.


Infidelity can often signal the end of a once loving marriage. This is because cheating harms your relationship in multiple ways. The most obvious issue is the pain it causes the spouse who remained faithful. Betrayal can result in grief and anger that may be challenging to overcome. Moreover, the loss of trust that adultery often causes can be next to impossible to regain.

The most significant issue with infidelity is that it is commonly a result of other problems in a marriage. It shines a light on other issues that may otherwise be insignificant. The ensuing emotional outburst can lead to inappropriate reactions that may damage your relationship beyond repair. When couples cannot handle their infidelity issues through constructive communication, divorce is often the only realistic option.