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Protect Your Finances, Your Family And Yourself In Divorce

Every divorce has two sides: the personal and the financial. Often, these two matters are closely related. For example, you may be worried about whether you will have enough money to make house or rent payments on one income. If you have children, you will be concerned about how the divorce will affect them.

The Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain pays attention to the success of both the personal and financial aspects of divorce to reach the most positive outcome possible. If you have questions about getting a divorce, reach out to our Flossmoor-based firm.

Dividing Your Marital Property Fairly

One of the most critical — and often stressful — steps in divorce is the asset division process. Our attorneys understand that this is a high-stakes issue, so we work to advocate for your fair share of the property.

Your marital assets and debts might include:

  • Savings accounts and investments
  • IRAs, 401(k) retirement accounts or pensions
  • Unpaid credit card debt, mortgages and other debt accumulated during the marriage
  • Real estate properties
  • A business and intellectual property
  • Cars, furniture and other personal belongings
  • Unique property, such as collections or artwork

If your case requires divorce litigation, the court will consider several factors of your marriage then follow standard guidelines to award you and your former spouse each a share of the marital property. If you are choosing divorce mediation or negotiation, you will have more control over which accounts, items and property you would keep. In either case, our family law attorneys are committed to protecting your interests.

Spousal Maintenance And Child Support

The division of property might not provide a fully fair outcome depending on a family’s situation. Child support or alimony, which is also called spousal maintenance, can even the odds.

Child support is a common way for both parents to equitably provide for their children regardless of custody or visitation. Alimony is typically only awarded in long-term marriages when there is a significant gap in assets and earnings.

Seek Knowledgeable Counsel For Your Divorce

In a divorce, there is always a potential for making mistakes. Make sure you can make the most-informed decisions possible to reach your goals with an experienced Illinois divorce lawyer at Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain. Call 708-831-1629 or email our office to schedule a consultation for your divorce.