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Aiding Families With Complex, Sensitive Paternity Cases

If two parents are not married when their child is born, and the father does not sign the child’s birth certificate, the mother might be the only legal parent of the child. While this status might not impact daily life while the parents are together, it can become a problem if the parents separate.

The Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain represents both fathers and mothers, which each have unique goals, in paternity matters. With more than 70 years of cumulative legal experience, our Illinois lawyers understand that paternity cases can be emotional as well as practical. We can give you the supportive counsel you need today.

Establishing Paternity Can Help Fathers, Mothers And Children

Legally establishing that you are the father of your child can offer several important benefits. First, it can be the first step toward seeking custody or visitation rights to protect the relationship you have with your child. In addition, it can allow your child to inherit from you if you do not specify their inheritance in a valid will.

For mothers, establishing paternity is often necessary when seeking child support. Holding the other parent accountable for child support payments might be critical to ensure that the child receives complete care.

Whether your concerns center around parental rights or child support, our experienced attorneys can guide you. We have full knowledge of the process that you will need to complete, and we can help you resolve complex family law issues.

Paternity Disputes And Disestablishing Paternity

Relationships and family circumstances are complicated. Sometimes, the biological father is not clear, or the mother and the other party disagree about who the biological father is. In these cases, our compassionate lawyers know how to find solutions.

DNA tests are not always necessary to establish paternity, but a test might be necessary in a disputed case. However, genetic testing is not the only factor. For example, a boyfriend who agrees to sign a paternity agreement or cares for his partner’s child could be responsible for child support or other parental obligations until he disestablishes paternity.

Because paternity disputes are complex, it is critical to discuss your case with a qualified attorney. The Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain can help you protect yourself or your child.

In Times Of Stress, We Can Give You Relief

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