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Compassionate And Experienced Child Custody Lawyers

Whether parents are unmarried or divorced, a child custody order can define each parent’s rights and obligations. The Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain  frequently assists parents with child custody and child support matters. While we aim to help parents negotiate when possible, we are also steadfast trial lawyers who will prioritize the interests of you and your child.

Reassuring Children While Navigating Through Family Conflict

Child custody issues can be difficult for all parties involved — including the child. Children may have concerns of their own. Therefore, how parents approach the matter of child custody can have a profound impact on their child.

Reaching a custody agreement now can minimize potential conflict in the future. A co-parenting arrangement may be easier for a child when parents set clear expectations. An agreement can set a model for how parents can resolve child custody disputes if any arise. In cases involving domestic violence or abuse, pursuing legal protection and sole custody can keep children safe.

Our family law attorneys know how to help resolve child custody issues with your child in mind. Discuss allocation of parental responsibilities with one of our experienced lawyers to get specific legal advice for your situation.

How Illinois Determines Child Support

In Illinois, both parents are responsible for supporting children after divorce. The support each parent owes depends on how much they earn out of the total income of both parents. For example, if a child’s mother earns significantly more than child’s father, she would likely contribute more in support.  The Illinois child support formula also considers the number of overnight visits each parent has with children each year.

While child support calculators available on the internet, there are situations when a lawyer can help you determine a fair amount of support. For example, not every person reports income honestly. In addition, there are circumstances when a judge may deviate from the guidelines.

Child support and finances can be a major factor in your divorce case. It continues to be important after you case, as child support can be changed after divorce if your financial circumstances or those of your spouse change. Our attorneys are here to protect your financial interests and those of your children.

Contact Our Lawyers For Assistance

At Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain, we practice with compassion and integrity. Let us help you resolve a child custody issue today. To schedule a consultation in Flossmoor, email our firm or call 708-831-1629.