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Our Distinctive Experience In Real Estate Cases

Real estate may be the biggest investment that you make in your life. Whether you are selling your home or purchasing commercial property, an unfavorable transaction could have a substantial impact on your finances and future.

At the Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain, our real estate attorneys represent individuals as well as businesses and other legal entities. Our founding attorney is also the owner of Superior Realty LLC and Best Title, LLC, and she has extensive knowledge of real estate law. With our unique experience, we can help you.

We Streamline Transactions And Work Toward Your Goals

We aim to serve your specific needs through our real estate law services, including:

  • Selling and purchasing residential or commercial property
  • Drafting real estate contracts and lease agreements
  • Investigating zoning and land use
  • Assisting you with liability protection
  • Transferring or selling a property in a divorce
  • Helping you plan to bequeath your property

A property or agreement may have hidden problems. In some cases, the only way to detect these problems is with the help of a lawyer who can review the documents and other aspects of the property.

The Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain completes comprehensive assessments of every transaction and property for our clients. As a team of Illinois attorneys with over 70 years of experience, we have the resources to protect your interests and ensure that you are getting a fair deal.

Protect Your Interests With Thorough Legal Counsel

Property transactions are not as simple as other asset transactions, and your choices now could have long-term consequences. Real estate cases require a greater degree of care. For a consultation, call 708-831-1629 or email our team at the Law Office of Michelle Broughton-Fountain in Flossmoor.