What divorced couples should put in their parenting plan

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Divorce can require spouses to split a variety of assets. While dividing property can be stressful, matters can get even more complicated if the couple has children. If that’s the case, Illinois residents may want to look into establishing a solid parenting plan.

Often, it’s up to the divorcing couple to write out this agreement. However, doing so can sometimes be difficult, especially if tensions between both parents are high.

Parenting Plan Essentials

With these types of agreements, exes can make decisions about who pays for what and how much time parents will get to spend with the kids. When writing the plan, parents should establish:

  • How they share and divide parenting tasks.
  • What days the child will spend with each parent.
  • Determine who is responsible for a child’s medical and educational needs.
  • How each parent will maintain contact with their children
  • What holidays the child will spend with each parent and if it will rotate.
  • Which parent is responsible for certain extracurricular costs.
  • Which parent is responsible for the child’s transportation.

How the courts play a role

Once ex-spouses agree to a Parenting Plan, they typically submit it to the court for consideration. The judge can either approve the agreement or make adjustments if necessary. Usually, judges make their decision based on the stability of each parent, what the child prefers and any other factors they may find relevant.

While ex-spouses are free to create a Parenting Plan, it can be an emotionally charged conversation. In some cases, they may need to rely on support from an attorney to protect the relationship they have with their child or use mediation to come to an amicable resolution.