Tips for addressing digital assets through estate planning

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When people in Illinois think about estate planning, they often imagine taking steps to protect the money they have in the bank, or their prized family heirlooms. However, addressing digital assets is also an important part of the estate planning process. Here is a look at how these types of assets should ideally be addressed through estate planning.

First, anyone who has a Facebook account can arrange to have the account memorialized upon his or her passing. When the account is in this state, anything that the deceased party has posted will remain visible, but a special badge may be placed on the profile as well. In addition, a designed legacy contact may be given the ability to update the deceased person’s main photo.

In addition, anyone who has a Gmail account can use the company’s Inactive Account Manager to delete the account following his or her death. This tool can be set from a total of three months to 1.5 years. If the account is not accessed during this time frame, then Google will begin the process of deleting the entire account. Alternatively, a Gmail account user can give a loved one, known as his or her trusted account, access to the account.

The idea of developing an estate plan can no doubt be overwhelming, especially for those with a large number of physical and digital assets. However, an attorney in Illinois can provide the guidance needed to navigate the estate planning process. The attorney will work with his or her client to make sure that the client’s estate plan reflects his or her rights and best interests, as well as those of his or her loved ones.