The link between divorce risk and season of marriage

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The process of divorce can happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from financial struggles to adultery. However, as a general rule of thumb, couples’ chances of getting divorced are higher during certain seasons of their marriages. Here is a look at high-risk and low-risk seasons for divorce in Illinois and elsewhere.

Phase of marriage with a high risk of divorce

Research shows that two people are most likely to get a divorce during the first two years of the marriage. The reason for this is that the beginning of a marriage is typically rocky as the two parties attempt to learn how to live with each other. In addition, men appear to be more inclined to cheat during this period of the marriage. About 10% of marriages fail during this period.

Phase of marriage with a low divorce risk

Spouses are less likely to get divorced during years nine through 15 of the marriage. This is because the majority of couples do not have infants during this stage. Research shows that, as the children age, parents tend to experience higher levels of satisfaction in the relationship.

No matter what the catalyst for a couple’s divorce may be, the process can no doubt be hard to cope with both emotionally and financially. However, an attorney in Illinois can help a divorcing individual to pursue a comprehensive and fair settlement agreement with the other party outside of court. If settling outside of court is not possible, the attorney will be prepared to litigate matters such as child custody and property division, keeping the client’s best interests at the center of the divorce proceeding.