Will you be getting spousal support after your divorce?

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One of your main concerns after your divorce may be your financial security. This is probably especially important to you if you were the lesser-earning spouse during your marriage. If you depended on your spouse for your financial security, a divorce can seem like a significant threat to your stability and lifestyle. This is why you could pursue spousal support.

Spousal support, also called alimony, is financial support paid from the higher-income spouse to the other after a divorce. This can last for a specific period of time or be permanent depending on your individual financial circumstances. If you believe you could have a rightful claim to this type of support, you may find it helpful to learn about how to negotiate for your best interests or what the courts consider when deciding on alimony.

Who gets it?

Not everyone going through a divorce will get alimony. The intent of this support is to offset any economic inequity brought about by the divorce. If you meet any of the following circumstances, you could be eligible for spousal support:

  • You stayed home with your children while your spouse continued to work full-time.
  • You gave up your career in support of your spouse’s career.
  • You worked but earned significantly less than your spouse over the course of your marriage.

In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate spousal support and the amount you could receive. If you will not be able to settle this matter out of court, you might have to petition the court to award you alimony. The court will look at specific factors, such as the ages of both spouses, income levels, the physical and mental conditions of both of you, and more.

Your best future

You have the right to pursue what you need for a strong and stable post-divorce future. If you believe you have a rightful claim to spousal support, you will not want to leave any money on the table. You may find it beneficial to start with a better understanding of your rights and how spousal support works in Illinois.

Spousal support could provide you with the additional help you need to rebuild and move forward after your divorce. Whether it is through negotiations or in the courtroom, you are entitled to pursue a fair and sustainable financial settlement.