How to navigate the holidays when going through divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2021 | Divorce |

Going through divorce can understandably make it harder to feel the holiday spirit. However, it is indeed possible to experience a sense of joy at Christmas even when one is going through divorce. Here are a couple of ways that divorcing individuals in Illinois can navigate the holidays peacefully and confidently. 

Tips for making the Christmas season great during divorce 

Even when parents are getting divorced during the holidays, they can still build great memories for their children in their unique ways. They may simply need to be flexible about the times and dates on which Christmas will be celebrated in each household. For instance, one parent may celebrate with the children on Christmas morning, whereas the other one celebrates on Christmas evening if the parents live close enough together.  

Both divorcing parties may also benefit from taking more time to have fun, play and relax during the holiday season. For instance, a divorcing individual may want to carve out some time to go walking with friends or other family members. In addition, something as simple as taking deep breaths when they begin to feel anxious can help them from overreacting to the combined stresses of divorce and the holiday season. 

Finding the right help and support for these situations 

Seeking the help of an attorney in Illinois is one of the wisest moves a divorcing individual can make during the holiday season as well. The attorney can help the divorcing party to make educated decisions about child custody and property division, for example, at the negotiation table. With the attorney’s help, the divorcing individual can feel more in control of the divorce process and ensure that his or her rights will be protected each step of the way.