How a career-related change can impact divorce

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While navigating divorce, some individuals in Illinois might be contemplating making job-related changes. Although such changes may be good, they can ultimately affect compensation and, in turn, influence the resolution of a divorce proceeding. Here is a look at how a career change made during a divorce proceeding can impact the divorce process and its outcome. 

The influence of career changes on the divorce process 

Changing one’s career mid-divorce is typically ill-advised for two reasons. First, the process of divorce requires focus, energy and time, and taking on a new position during this time can be physically and emotionally stressful. Failed efforts to juggle both the divorce and the new job may end up sabotaging a divorcing individual’s success in both areas. 

Second, if a woman gets a new job during the divorce process, for example, her future ex-spouse may end up sharing in the upside of the change in income that she may enjoy with the new role. Specifically, if she is earning more, her future ex-husband might benefit from this in the form of a higher spousal support or child support award. Meanwhile, if she earns less in the new job, she might still be required to pay the spousal or child support amounts she would have paid with her previous job. As a general rule of thumb, the person switching careers bears all of the risk during the divorce. 

Where to find help and support for these situations  

Before deciding to change careers, an individual who is going through divorce may benefit from consulting with an attorney.  An experienced attorney in Illinois can examine his or her client’s particular financial situation to determine how the new job may affect such aspects of the divorce, such as property division and spousal or child support. One’s attorney may be able to give an adequate recommendation regarding the timing of potentially making a career change.