Tips for facilitating a smooth co-parenting process post-divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2022 | Divorce |

The idea of having to co-parent with an ex-spouse may understandably seem frustrating and even overwhelming. This is true even if both parties did their best to divorce amicably. Fortunately, just a few steps can help to make the co-parenting process in Illinois easier in the years ahead. 

Parenting issue discussion 

One of the best moves that divorcing parents can make is to talk about critical co-parenting issues before they ever decide to get divorced. Avoiding difficult conversations may make the divorce smoother in the beginning, but it will likely make post-divorce life more challenging. Conversations should ideally cover topics like how to handle holidays, birthdays and even parent-teacher conferences once the divorce has taken place. 

Communication guidance 

Divorcing parents would also be wise to develop a communication strategy post-divorce that does not require them to speak on the phone or in person. For instance, the parents could use email, texting or even co-parenting smartphone apps. Sharing an online calendar can also be helpful for scheduling activities involving the children. Likewise, both parties can use a shared digital spreadsheet to track their child-related expenses. 

Dispute resolution tips 

It is also generally a good idea for parents who are getting divorced to spell out a detailed process for resolving post-divorce parenting-related disputes in their divorce settlement. For instance, they may state in their settlement that they will attempt to work out a dispute directly, and if that does not work, they could use a mediator. Going to court will typically be the last resort. An experienced divorce attorney in Illinois can help a divorcing individual to create and lay out an unambiguous dispute resolution procedure that will ultimately protect his or her best interests.