How to co-parent as efficiently as possible following divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2022 | Divorce |

Getting divorced is never easy, especially when young children are involved in the process. However, it is possible for divorcing parents in Illinois to co-parent their children in a relatively amicable way following their marital breakup. Here are a couple of tips for making life post divorce as smooth as possible for both the parents and the children. 

Tips for co-parenting with ease 

Divorcing parents would be wise to work together to establish boundaries and rules for their children. A single set of guidelines and rules that are clearly defined and that both parents agree on will make managing the children’s behavior more convenient and easier moving forward. These rules should ideally also spell out the type of behavior that both parents are expected to exhibit when interacting with the children daily. 

Parents who are getting divorced might also want to create schedules for the time they have with their children. For instance, the parents may want to set aside time for watching movies or playing boardgames when they are with their children on a given weekend. By carving out consistently scheduled family time, divorcing parents can help their children to adjust better to the divorce.  

Support and assistance is readily available  

One of the best moves a divorcing couple can make is to create a well-thought-out parenting plan during the marital dissolution process. An experienced family law attorney can help with developing a plan that protects the children’s best interests in both the short run and the long run. One’s attorney will also ensure that the plan reflects his or her client’s wishes and ultimately protects the client’s rights.