The keys to successful co-parenting after a stressful divorce

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Divorce is an event you never truly expect to go through. Ending a marriage can cause enough stress to literally change who you are at a core level. For parents, divorce can be even more stressful and complicated. When parents divorce, there are a myriad of decisions to make and so much to sort through.

If you are a parent amid a divorce, you are likely wondering how this situation will affect your kids and what the child custody arrangement will look like. These days, more and more parents are choosing to co-parent after a divorce. Without a doubt, co-parenting after a stressful divorce can be challenging to say the least. What follows may help you along your co-parenting journey.

Cooperation is key

Understandably, the relationship between you and your ex after a stressful divorce is probably not what you would call cordial. However, you don’t have to be friends in order to cooperate and co-parent effectively. The marriage is over; this is about the kids now. Put petty differences aside and make a conscious effort to cooperate with the other parent.

Put a co-parenting plan in place

It is helpful to figure out and establish a co-parenting plan that works best for all parties. Your co-parenting plan will most likely need to include visitation schedules, and also cover such topics as the financial and medical needs of your children. Before deciding on a parenting plan, talk it over with your kids and listen to some of their ideas.

Be flexible

As with anything in life, unexpected things are going to arise from time to time. What if your circumstances change suddenly, or your child gets sick and has to stay home from school? This is why, as a parent, it is crucial that you remain flexible for the children. You can’t control the things that happen, but you can control how you respond.

Find a support group

There is no need to go through this alone; humans thrive in a community. Whether it’s your family, close friends or even colleagues, getting support from others can prove invaluable during this time. Once you start reaching out, you will be amazed at just how much help is available to you.

Seek professional assistance

Every year, thousands of parents in Illinois experience the pain and difficulties of divorce. As if ending a marriage wasn’t challenging enough, trying to find a suitable child custody arrangement to fulfill the needs of the children may feel like too much to go through on your own. Fortunately, there is legal assistance available to help parents find practical solutions that will benefit their lives for years to come.