Why divorce can often be a blessing

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2022 | Divorce |

Ending a marriage often feels like a roller-coaster ride, with highs and lows and possibly moments of sheer terror. Some even feel cursed to have to confront Illinois divorce proceedings. But getting a divorce could ultimately be a blessing in disguise. There are a number of potential benefits of getting a divorce. 

Happier future 

Researchers report that divorce bliss is just as real as marital bliss is, with women particularly feeling happier in the years following the end of their marriage. In fact, getting divorced can offer a major health boost for individuals who have been miserable in their marriages. This translates to a lower risk for depression, diabetes, arthritis, cancer and heart disease. 

Happier children 

When parents divorce, this may also benefit their children. Children will likely appreciate having two happy homes — one with Dad and one with Mom — versus one home where both parents are at odds with each other. Once the tension between the parents is gone, the children often finally feel free to breathe again. 

Where to turn for support and guidance 

In most cases, divorce presents many challenges, even in the most amicable of marital breakups. Fortunately, an experienced Illinois divorce attorney can make the process easier by helping a client pursue a fair and comprehensive settlement through mediation or direct negotiation. With that said, the lawyer will still be prepared to litigate unresolved divorce issues, such as asset distribution, with the goal of protecting the client’s rights and achieving the best possible outcome.