How parents can best support their young children during divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2023 | Divorce |

In Illinois and elsewhere, a divorce can impact young children in more ways than one may imagine. For this reason, it is critical that parents who are going through divorce give their children more support and attention than ever. Here are a couple of ways divorcing parents can make the divorce process easier for their children.  

Helpful tips 

Even though the parents may be getting divorced, the child typically wants close relationships with both. So if one parent can see the child only on certain occasions or days, other forms of communication – like videocalls and text messages — can help shorten the distance and help to maintain a loving and continuous relationship. There are many apps to choose from, including Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger.  

Of course, parents should avoid in front of their children. Bad-mouth each other may cause the child to feel responsible. When parents support each other and strive to interact amicably, the children will feel supported as well. 

Legal support invaluable 

Even though a divorce process can be emotionally challenging for the family, an experienced Illinois family law attorney can help to make it easier for everyone. A lawyer can help negotiate a fair and comprehensive parenting agreement. This is usually preferable to relying on traditional divorce litigation, which can be stressful and sometimes lead to a result with which no one is happy. A savvy attorney will push for a fair outcome that protects the client’s interests while also focusing on the best interests of the children at every stage of the proceedings.