How to tell kids their parents are divorcing

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When parents in Illinois decide to get divorced, they might have a hard time breaking the news to their children. This is true whether their children or preschool aged or in their late teens. Here are a few tips for sharing divorce news with children of all ages.

Tips for sharing divorce news with children

Divorcing parents of preschool-aged children would be wise to gently explain to their children that the parents will no longer live in the same house. However, they will still take care of the children and love them. With elementary-aged children, the parents may want to acknowledge that their relationship has changed lately — for instance, they may have been arguing more — and that the children might have noticed. Then, the parents can explain that they will be splitting up but will continue to love the children.

When parents of preteens get divorced, they might want to explain to their children that they are having a hard time living together. Because they want each other to be happy, they have decided to reside in different homes. The parents of teenagers might want to explain to their children that they have no choice but to get divorced due to irreconcilable differences. They can then model for their children how to handle emotions ranging from anger to disappointment, sadness and grief in a healthy way.

How an attorney can help

Navigating the divorce process, particularly with young children, can be emotionally and legally complicated. However, a family attorney in Illinois can help a divorcing individual make informed decisions regarding matters such as child support and child custody. The attorney will push for the most personally favorable outcome for his or her client while especially protecting the best interests of the children.