Communicating with family members during divorce

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Maintaining healthy communication may make the divorce process less stressful for families with young children. However, figuring out how to communicate with the children and one’s soon-to-be ex-spouse can be challenging. Here are a couple of ways parents can improve communication with their children and each other when going through a divorce in Illinois.

Tips for promoting family communication during divorce

Parents going through a divorce should be honest with their children about how the marital breakup will affect them. For example, they may want to explain to the children that Dad and Mom will live in their own houses from now on, but both parents will continue to care for the children and love them. They may even want to emphasize that each child will have his or her room in both parents’ homes.

Another way to ensure healthy family communication during divorce is for both parents to avoid badmouthing each other and asking their children to spy on each other. The children identify with both parents, so if the parents speak negatively about each other, the children may feel like they are being criticized, too. Asking the children to spy may also make them uncomfortable, as they might feel they have to support one parent and forsake the other.

How an attorney can help

Navigating a divorce can be tricky when children are involved, but a family law attorney in Illinois may help make this process easier. For instance, the attorney can help a parent going through divorce create a parenting agreement that reflects both parents’ wishes and the children’s best interests when it comes to matters such as child custody and child support. The attorney will make sure his or her client’s rights are protected during each phase of the divorce proceeding.