Creating a co-parenting arrangement that reassures your child

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Children caught in the middle of a divorce have concerns their parents may overlook, especially when dealing with divorce issues. Accordingly, parents must set aside differences and work together to create a co-parenting arrangement that will reassure their children and set their expectations.

Finding solutions for conflicts before they happen

An amenable custody arrangement usually minimizes potential conflict since the parties already established the parenting terms. Nonetheless, the agreement should still anticipate possible conflicts in the future and provide agreeable solutions before they even happen. This way, co-parents can simply refer to the custody agreement and settle the issue according to their agreed terms.

Having fewer to no conflicts between parents can significantly improve a child’s overview of the divorce and reassure them that their parents are willing to compromise for their well-being despite the separation.

Considering the child’s needs and concerns

More than their preferences, parents should create a parenting plan that mainly considers the circumstances surrounding their child and their needs. This includes factoring in the child’s education, extracurricular activities, school breaks and even their preferences. Involving children in the process can reassure them that parents listen and try their best to address their concerns.

Navigating the child custody process as a co-parent

Dealing with child custody, on top of other divorce issues, can be overwhelming for separating parents. While they try their best to stay calm, it is easy to get lost in the process. One of the first steps to creating a suitable parenting plan is for each parent to lay down their respective rights and obligations. Discussing the allocation of responsibilities with an experienced child custody attorney may guide parents through the process.