Reasons to modify your child custody schedule

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After a divorce, you may share child custody with your ex-spouse. This likely means having a child custody schedule so each parent is aware of when they will have custody of their child. 

Over time, you may need to alter a child custody schedule. Many parents have to. Here is why you may need to make changes to the schedule: 

Your work schedule has changed

You can not always control when you are scheduled to work at your job, especially if your job is highly demanding or requires you to travel a lot. If your work schedule has changed for the foreseeable future, then you may need to talk to your co-parent and develop a new custody schedule. 

You are going back to school

Higher education can take a lot of your time and day. From one semester to the next, you may not know what your class schedule will look like. As a result, you may need your co-parent to take on more responsibilities as you pursue an education in your desired field. This kind of change to a child custody schedule is likely temporary – only lasting for almost four months twice a year. 

You are planning on moving

In the current economic world, finding housing and employment is difficult for many parents. You may have the opportunity of a lifetime and find a well-paying job to provide for your family, however, it may require you to move. If this causes some distance between you and your co-parent, then you may need to talk about an altered custody schedule.

There is no perfect child custody schedule. Yet, that does not mean you can not try for one. You can reach out for legal guidance to help you through the process of altering a child custody schedule.