Why money is a top factor in divorce

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Individuals often have enough trouble managing money on their own, so it’s no surprise that married couples often have the same problem. If the situation gets to an extreme, they may choose to divorce. It’s not uncommon for people to point to issues around money as the cause of their divorce.

If this describes you, take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone. Some studies suggest that money is the top cause for arguments in a marriage. These fights often stem from two categories: disagreements on handling money and the accumulation of debt. If you’re getting a divorce here in Illinois because of money, this information may help you understand your experience.

Arguments over money management

People often grow up with completely different role models for managing finances, which can cause problems in future relationships. Some experts say that keeping separate bank accounts and even separate accountants may make the most sense for avoiding arguments. If both spouses have major disagreements about how money should be spent or saved, they may never see eye to eye. This is also why many experts advocate for financial counseling before getting married.

Counseling can help spouses determine whether their financial priorities align or at least complement one another. Even if both spouses agree on how much to spend or save, they may disagree on exactly how to do that and what expenses they consider worthwhile. If one spouse makes more money, the other may feel resentful about a perceived lack of control over the family finances.

Arguments over debt

It’s not surprising that debt is a source of major discord in a marriage. Though credit card debt and impulse buying may play a huge role, that’s often only part of the  problem. One spouse may overspend on the family budget, disagreeing on necessary expenses. Some couples even start marriage on rocky financial footing with excessive spending on their wedding.

Another source for debt that often appears in a marriage is unexpected, but necessary, expenses. This encompasses things like medical bills or extensive house repairs. Some spouses even prove unfaithful with money, secretly spending without their spouse’s knowledge. Financial infidelity can be just as hurtful when discovered.

If money woes have gone too far

You may feel as though you cannot work through your financial problems with your spouse. This is not uncommon and getting a divorce for this reason is understandable. Your next move may be working with a divorce attorney who can consider all financial aspects of your previous relationship and help you move forward.