Protecting the parent-child bond in a child custody agreement

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2020 | Divorce |

Enough changes have occurred in the lives of families across the country and here in Illinois, so adding a divorce into the mix can make things a bit more challenging. Even though children generally tend to adapt well and bounce back quickly, they still need their parents in their lives in order to thrive. The provisions of a child custody agreement can help protect the parent-child bond if it properly addresses ways to do so.

For instance, both parents could have the opportunity to talk to the children each day if even for a few minutes. It is important for everyone to talk about how their day was since knowing even the small details can help keep the bond strong. Calls and/or video chats could be scheduled at a certain time or within a certain time frame each day so the other parent and the children can look forward to it.

Even when a parent is not present, he or she can show the children they are loved by him or her. For instance, the daily calls above show the children the other parent cares and loves them. However, even small gestures such as an unexpected text message or even sending something in the mail as a surprise could make a difference in the lives of the children. The parents can discuss what these gifts and/or gestures would entail in order to make sure they fit into how the co-parents want to raise their children.

Being a loving parent is challenging enough these days without the added pressure of the inevitable separation that comes with divorce. Incorporating ways to maintain a strong parental bond with the children into a child custody agreement can help alleviate any anxiety and stress parents and children may feel about the situation. Children in particular need to know that their parents love them no matter what and that they will have as much contact as possible, which could include some form of daily contact.