The divorce process can take toll on physical and mental health

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2020 | Divorce |

When people in Illinois decide to get divorced, they may immediately worry about how the process will impact them financially going forward. However, going through a divorce can also take a major toll on an individual’s physical health and mental wellbeing. According to a recent research study, this is particularly true in the first few months following the divorce proceeding.

The researchers who conducted the study determined that people who have recently gone through divorce may find it challenging to socialize, which can impact their wellbeing. Likewise, they may have a hard time with processing their emotions. The mental or physical challenges that people face following divorce may be particularly greater for those whose divorce processes were filled with conflict.

Fortunately, according to the study, a few factors may help divorced individuals to improve their overall wellbeing post divorce. These include finding a new significant other or even earning a higher income. In addition, those who are younger are more likely to experience positive health outcomes after getting divorced.

The best way to minimize conflict and stress both during and after divorce is for two divorcing spouses to create a settlement agreement that satisfies both parties. They can do this through informal negotiation, for example, which is generally less stressful than going to divorce trial. During the negotiation process, the two parties can determine how best to tackle matters such as asset division and child custody. An attorney in Illinois can provide a divorcing individual with the guidance needed to pursue a fair and comprehensive settlement that ultimately reflects his or her best interests.