Tips to help divorcing parents communicate with kids

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2020 | Divorce |

When parents go through the divorce process, they may naturally worry about how their children will handle it. Some parents question how much they should tell their children regarding what is taking place. Meanwhile, others are very emotional and worry about whether they will be able to stay calm when discussing the divorce. Here are a couple of tips for communicating with children about a divorce in Illinois.

First, it is critical that divorcing parents are honest with their children when answering questions about the divorce. This is because children can generally sense when their parents are not giving them honest information. This may end up leading to anger and resentment. In addition, they may decide to make up their own truths, which may not be accurate and can ultimately cause them anxiety.

Second, parents who are going through divorce may want to let their children know exactly how their lives will change following the divorce. For instance, where will they live, and when will they spend time with both parents? The more information the children receive, the less anxiety the divorce process may cause them.

Getting divorced can no doubt be a challenging emotional experience for the entire family. However, if two divorcing parents can try to resolve their issues outside of court, this may help to make the entire process easier on everyone. For example, through informal negotiation, they can put together a mutually satisfactory parenting agreement that takes into consideration the best interests of the children. An attorney can provide the guidance needed to navigate the divorce settlement process when tackling issues such as child custody in Illinois.