How to make the start of school easier for kids post-divorce

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When parents in Illinois get divorced, they may naturally worry about how to keep their children’s lives after divorce as smooth as possible as they enter the school year in the fall. Fortunately, a strong co-parenting relationship can help divorced individuals and their young children to effectively handle the new routines brought on by the school year. Here are a couple of specific ways divorced parents can make the start of the school easier for both them and their children. 

Tips for making co-parenting work during the school year 

As the school year begins, it is crucial that both parents are cognizant of their children’s plans before the beginning of school. For instance, they should ideally agree on how they will keep one another in the loop with regard to their children’s extracurricular activities. In addition, it would behoove the parents to ask the children’s teachers to send important paperwork to each of their households. 

Another way that divorced parents keep their communication strong following divorce is by using apps. For example, apps such as We Parent and Parentship can be useful for streamlining family calendars and schedules. Many of these types of apps provide free trial periods and thus offer parents the opportunity to determine which ones best meet their needs. 

How an attorney can help 

Dealing with divorce, especially when young children are involved, can understandably be complex. However, a family law attorney in Illinois can provide divorcing individuals with the guidance they need to create co-parenting plans that reflect their wishes and, most importantly, the best interests of their children. A comprehensive parenting plan can help both parents to remain on the same page regarding their goals for their children, as well as set up healthy communication habits between the parents in the years ahead.